Friday, February 16, 2007

Shanghai Cuisine

Last weekend the husband and I had a lunch date at Shanghai Cuisine.

It was a cold day and really the only thing that would help were soup dumplings. I had been to New Green Bo a week or two earlier and was disappointed, so I was wary.

Was my relationship with soup dumplings over? Doesn't anyone say goodbye anymore?

Alas, there was no need to worry, the relationship is strong.

In my mind, soup dumplings are truly a genius creation. Up there with the paper clip, and the wheel. If you haven't had them, dumpling filled with pork and soup served with vinegar and ginger.

Go to SC now - eat soup dumplings.

The pea shoots were also good.

As was the chicken and taro root casserole.


Anonymous said...

What is taro root? I have never heard of this thing... What does it taste like?

Also, how were the dumplings exactly? I sometimes find that the wrapper is too thick and gooey...

JRo said...

Taro root sort of tastes like sweet potato but not quite as sweet - and it isn't orange.

The wrapper wasn't thick and gooey at all (although at New Green Bo they were a little gooey). At SC, very thin and delicate.