Monday, September 18, 2006

Keep it Simple

I have a lot to blog about this week. I finally used my fig jam, took a great trip to Arthur Avenue, started a great book, and had a BNO Sunday night. I'm feeling a little exhausted and the creative juices aren't really flowing at the moment, so as the title suggests I am going to keep it simple...

When you have good ingredients, you don't need to do anything fancy. On the trip to AA, we picked up some fresh mozzi from Casa della Mozzarella, some extra thin prosciutto di parma from Biancardi's, and fresh bread from Madonna Bakery. Put them together and you have perhaps the best panini around. The only thing that could have maybe made it any better would have been some fresh basil.

See? Simple.


Anonymous said...

Do you listen to music when you cook? If so, what in particular? Trying to get more motivated in the kitchen, but don't have much patience...

Oh, and how did you use the fig jam? It can be quite delicious with different cheeses.

JRo said...

I do listen to music. Either that or I put in a favorite movie that I know all the words to so I don't need to see the actual movie.

I've been listening to a mix of my favorite songs. Lots of Ryan Adams, Elliot Smith, Aimee Mann, and lately I've been playing the Secret Machines a bit, I especially like the "Alone, Jealous, and Stoned". Great song.

Definitely stuff more on the mellow side.

I used the fig jam with pork chops. I browned the pork chops, removed them, sauted onions until they were browned. Added fig jam and a little white wine vinegar and sugar and then cooked until reduced a bit. Then I added some water and the pork chops and cooked for another 20 minutes or so.

So good.