Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Art of Eating

  • I had such lofty goals tonight for a fabulous post with lots of description and crafty turns of phrase....but I accidentally drank a 1/2 a bottle of wine and watched two straight hours of America's Next Top Model.

    I'm not sure which one killed more brain cells.

    But, I did have more intellectual moments today. On my train ride home I devoured my new book, "The Art of Eating," by M.F.K. Fisher. I came to realize as I did some research for this blog that she is sort of the be all end all of food writing. It was time for me to do my homework.

      A quote for today and a hearty recommendation after just 40 pages:
      "A long evening - what to do with it? There is a fairly good play, a passable movie, a game of bridge - some way to kill a few hours.

      But an evening killed is murder of some kind, criminal like any disease, and like disease a thorough-going crime. If Time, so fleeting, must like humans die, let it be filled with good food and good talk, and then embalmed in the perfumes of conviviality."

      Note to self.

      1. Don't murder any more evenings

      2. Start using the word conviviality

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