Monday, November 27, 2006

A Lesson Learned

So I learned a blogger lesson when I was informed by one of my two readers that I didn't post about everything that I promised to post about. That's the last time that I promise something I can't deliver....

I am going to get through everything I promised in this post and then move on.

Family Recipes as a Wedding Favor: At the wedding I mentioned in previous posts, I was impressed with their wedding favor. In addition to some jam and a lovely wooden spoon, there was a card with a recipe from each side of the family that was being joined in the day's celebration. I hadn't seen that before and I thought it was an idea worth mentioning.

My New Toy: Say hello to my new crock pot.

This was a recent birthday present and one that I can't wait to use. It came out of the box last night and the directions are being read today. Next task, finding a home for the pot in my miniscule apartment. Husband and cat may need to move out.

Food Writing Class at the Institute of Culinary Education: Two Monday's ago I treated myself to a class at ICE which is on W. 23rd between 5th and 6th. The question at hand was "how do I break into food writing." The answer was "you don't." Well, it wasn't that blunt, but essentially everyone wants to be a food writer, there are few magazines and few trusted writers, and even those barely get paid. I think I've decided to keep doing what I am doing for now. The upside of the class was the slice of pizza I had beforehand from the hole in the wall on the corner of 22 and 6th. Great sauce and cheese.

Speaking of Pizza: I went to Otto (Mario Batali's pizza place) two Mondays ago and the Friday before I went to Lombardi's. Both were delicious. At Otto, I particularly enjoy the pizza with the fried egg on top. Can't explain it, but it is so good. It was also interesting to eat there after just having finished Heat. The plain cheese pizza at Lombardi's was also very good and I really enjoyed the dressing on the salad we started with. The soda was a little flat. But I have to admit that a good slice at 3 am before heading home after a long night out beats either of the above options any day.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on keeping your promise!!! I'm sure that Crock Pot givers can't wait to hear about your first recipe...You might get lucky this Xmas...Maybe your "secret" Santa selects a great book for this must-have appliance, even if storing it means replacing cat and husband :)

Anonymous said...

the pizza with the fried egg on top is my favorite too!! next time, ask them to add good!

Anonymous said...

I hear that crock pot thingy cna make a mean chicken curry dish...skip the proscuitto though.

Anonymous said...

this anonymous person is very talkative. are you paying them to make witty banter?


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