Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What I Ate

Short post today and no pictures. I'm going back to the theme "What I Ate." I'll tell you if you tell me. Here's what I ate yesterday.

Skipped breakfast, I know mom, I shouldn't do that. For lunch I had reheated baked ziti which I made on Sunday night. Not bad, but I didn't use enough tomato sauce so the ricotta was a bit overwhelming. But, compared to some of my other quick options for lunch where I work, this wasn't bad. Eating the same thing for lunch today, ho hum.

I've been drinking tea like it is nobody's business because my office is so freaking cold. It's just boring Tetley tea, had about 4 cups yesterday. I think I might bring in my new favorite tea, Mariage Freres, which I had for the first time in Paris. The bagged darjeeling tea is so smooth even if you let it steep for too long.

Went to the vending machine at about 2:30 and bought a pack of M&Ms.

Pretty boring day, but then I went to Five Points restaurant on Great Jones Street with husband and in-laws and had a thoroughly enjoyable meal. The menu reminded me of restaurants in San Francisco. Everything was fresh from the market and ranged from soup to pizza, to scallops, and steak. The kind of place I would be a regular if I was rich - you could eat this food every day and not get bored or feel bad about yourself after.

I started with a market green salad with toasted goat cheese. As you now know, I didn't eat a single vegetable or fruit prior to this salad so it was much needed. The dressing was an aged balsamic vinaigrette. The goat cheese smooth and tangy. Nothing surprising here, just good clean flavors. Moved on to the flank steak with creamed corn and mustard greens. I didn't eat much of the mustard greens, but not because they weren't good, I'm just not good at eating my vegetables...unless they are creamed. I ate all of the corn. I haven't had that in years and it was slightly better then the canned version that I last ate. The steak was surprisingly tender for a flank steak and perfectly cooked (medium rare).

Finally, the dessert...we shared a blueberry tart with brown sugar (delicious) and a chocolate pot de creme. This one looked like it fell out of a Martha Stewart spread. The bowl was that muted light green in every food picture, the chocolate light brown, topped with a dollop of fresh perfectly white whipped cream. Two little star cookies sat precariously atop the cream. Almost too pretty to eat.

I did say almost though, we finished that one completely. I haven't summoned the nerve to bring a camera to restaurants and photograph what I eat, but I will work on it. Until then, I hope I was descriptive enough.

So that's what I ate. Not a short post as I had promised. I told you early on that I like to talk about food, what can I do....Now it is your turn.

What did you eat yesterday?

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