Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fire up the Grill

So here it goes. This is my very first post on my very first blog. However, it certainly isn't the first time that I have talked about food. Sometimes it seems like that is all I do and I apologize to those who know me (maybe this will alleviate some of their pain).

I've been thinking alot about how I would organize this blog and my plan right now is to post in several categories:

What I Ate
Should be the most frequent post since I eat every day - sometimes three or four times a day.

What You Ate
I love hearing about what other people eat, even the minutiae of snacks and breakfast. Please say I am not the only one who is fascinated by this. Apologies in advance to my friends and family who I will hit up first, but I hope that this section will grow with time.

Sunday Supper
This is by far my favorite meal and the one I spend the most time preparing. Sometimes I'll plan all weekend in hopes of coming up with the perfect meal.

Drink of the Week
I am a lucky girl because the husband likes to make vintage cocktails. I am the tester. Never having met a cocktail I didn't like (except grappa), I look forward to sharing recipes and food pairings.

Food for Cheap
There is nothing I like more then finding a bargain. It's not easy to come by in NYC, but they are out there. I'll share my finds for restaurants and shops. These will be the real "cheap" places and not "if you only get an appetizer" cheap places.

BNO (big night out)
There is nothing better then getting all dressed up and having a big night out. The aperitif, great wine, amuse bouche, strange meats, rich sauces, desserts you have to order in advance, you know the drill. Sadly, this will be a rare post. But I also think you can have a BNO at the mid range places, so I will post about these in the same category.


Anonymous said...

The cocktail sounded very refreshing, and not too sweet. The one I enjoyed last night was Raspberri Absolute with lime juice and lemon-lime soda. For dinner I made a platter of sliced Connecticut farm grown tomatoes with chopped fresh basil, fresh mozzaralla from Casa della Mozzaralla on 189th. Street, the Bronx and baby spinach leaves dressed with olive oil from the Temecula Olive Oil Co. in CA. and Chianti red wine vinegar, salt and pepper. The pasta dish was fresh cheese ravioli from Borgatti's on 187th. Street covered with Dominick's of Arthur Avenue's Original Sauce(wine added) and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. The crusty bread came from Addeo's Bakery on 186th. Street. Rabbit Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon was perfect with this simple meal. We decided to save the Bay scallops we were planning to cook for tonight's dinner!

JRo said...