Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I am definitely going to hell - and I don't even believe in hell. But, there is no other place for me to go. Gluttony is a sin, right? If it isn't it should be!

I ate my weight and more in meal after gluttonous meal the past week or so and I am a little embarrassed about it. Not enough that I wont post, but a little ashamed.

Oh, who am I kidding. I loved it! I would do it all over again!

So, over the next few posts you will hear about:

Burger Joint
The Modern
Korea town
The 21 Club
Flat Iron Lounge

Throw in Old Town, cheese croissonts for breakfast, meatball parm subs, homemade saffron rissotto, Pim's Cups (new favorite cocktail), and a few other items I am surely forgetting - and my ticket to hell is fully paid for.

Anyone want to join me?


Anonymous said...

On this highway to hell that you are inviting us along, do you think that it would be more appropriate to eat:

Deviled Eggs followed by Devil's Food Cake OR Angel Hair Pasta followed by Angel Food Cake?

JRo said...

It depends what is on the Angel Hair Pasta - but my gut is going with the Deviled Eggs and the Devil's Food Cake.

Fantastic question!