Thursday, March 08, 2007

Burger Joint

Quick post about Burger Joint. at Le Parker Meridien.

I plan on doing a longer post about my favorite burgers in Manhattan, but in the meantime take a look at one that is very high on the list. I love it for how big it is, for the bun (not to big, very soft) for all the fixings you can get with it, for it's juiciness, that it is cheap, and for the fact that it is served in a brown paper bag. The no atmosphere space is great also.

This burger was enjoyed a few weeks ago when I stopped there for a bite with a friend before a matinee at the Ziegfeld. (Great movie theater btw)

As a note: we got there just before 12pm and walked right up to the front. Ten minutes later, the line was out the door. As much as I love this burger, it really isn't worth waiting forever to get it.


Anonymous said...

Best burger in the city is at The Loft on 30th and Madison. Unfortunately, it's a seasonal menu

JRo said...

It's on the list. Thanks for the tip!