Thursday, January 04, 2007

Food Related New Year's Resolutions

I haven't had too much time to think about these so I might amend them later this week, but here they are for now -

My Ten Food-related Resolutions

1. Eat breakfast at home not on the way to work, and don't skip breakfast. (Is that 2?)

2. Don't eat dinner on the coffee table, sit at the regular table and try to not turn on the TV (I say try, because let's be realistic here.)

3. Record the recipes I've tried and liked into my recipe book.

4. Plan for and try one new recipe each week.

5. Bring lunch to work at least 3 days a week.

6. Try recipes from cuisines that are outside of my comfort zone.

7. Use the crockpot and panini maker more regularly and for more interesting recipes.

8. Make a list of restaurants and food items to try this year - and then try them.

9. One for friends - have more dinner parties.

10. And one for mom - eat more fruits and vegetables.

What are your food related resolutions?


Nancy said...

Hi Jen! Good resolutions!!
I am happy to start you on your restaurant list (Resolution #8) by treating you to a lunch this month while I am on semester break!!

Love, Nancy

Anonymous said...

I like your style, J-RO. Most resolutions include, "eating less" "dieting" etc. No time for that stuff! I guess that would be bad adevertising as a food blogger. Indulge, eat well, and keep us informed.

JRo said...

Nancy - Thanks! I am a lucky girl! Let's be in touch soon!

JRo said...

Anonymous - Thanks for the comment. I'll keep eating and blogging if you keep reading!