Thursday, November 02, 2006

Very Bad Blogger

So I have clearly not been blogging for a while. I apologize for the 2 of you still checking my blog with any regularity. I promise to do better.

I haven't been this busy in a while...I have barely cooked in the last several weeks. Sadly, the husband and I are surviving on not so good take out. Nothing has seemed very post worthy. But there was a glimmer of hope Wednesday night...

I'll set the scene. I set out to the way far east village for an avant garde (sp?) Japanese piano performance to scope out a potential performance that we could do at my work. There were about 20 people in the audience and it started out decent enough. The first song was kind of like a song, it seemed to have a melody.

But shortly thereafter, we dove headfirst into weird with the 2nd "song". I don't know if I can really describe how bad it was. The pianist would play a horrible chord and then stop, then press one key and then stop, then pluck on the strings of the piano, let the sound linger, then stop....this went on and on and on for over an hour. Actually I left after about 1h 15minutes into it. She could still be doing this for all I know.

The crazy part was that the black turtleneck clad audience seemed to eat it up, even were bobbing their head in agreement with how awesome it was. I am not making this up. I looked around for other people with the "WTF???" look that I was displaying, but they were nowhere to be found.

It was 9pm when I left, and I was way the hell over on Avenue C, and I hadn't eaten so I was hungry, and mad that I wasted an evening.

I know that so far this doesn't have anything to do with food. But for me, a night can always be saved by eating something good. I had $10 burning a whole in my pocket and, as mentioned, was in the East Village so there were many options in my price range.

I decided to go to 99 Miles to Philly, a cheesesteak place. I've been meaning to try the cheesesteak and compare to Carl's Steak, which I love.

As if it were a sign, they had a special for a cheesesteak, waffle fries, and a soda...$9.99. I even had a penny to spare.

And with a ketchup drenched waffle fry, a slug of coke, and a bite of cheesesteak dripping with hotsauce...the night was saved.

As for the comparison between 99 Miles and Carl's - I wish there was a little more steak and that it was cut a bit thinner. Also, the roll could have been slightly more crunchy. I like Carl's steaks better because it excels in both areas. I did think the cheese (American) was perfectly melted and almost turned into a sauce. Finally, I prefer the fries at Carl's, straightforward and crispy. But that is just a personal preference, as far as waffle fries go, these were pretty freaking good.

Tough to compare two great cheesesteaks...but there you have it.

Thanks for still reading my blog!

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